June 6th (…Again)

I decided to do Groundhog Day today, it just makes sense to get back on the same day. I actually should have done it Sunday but the novelty of having the same day twice was more important at the time.

For dinner, either the menu was a mess up, or Filet Mignon in French means Pork Tenderloin because that is what is was. Not sure. However, the appetizer has been photographed for my use, I will learn this recipe. Basically, a pastry dough, topped with mozzarella and thin ham with onion, baked to a toasty crust. I think I can easily make this as a dish at home. It was the highlight.

I woke up at 0530 to see the sunrise. Again, we are overcast but the sea is very calm today and the wind is light at 15 knots. We will make good speed today I think. There are more birds each day as we approach the islands but still no life to speak of. The birds are small groups and they are not working or feeding. I will spend some time today at my picnic table and do some laundry. Good Morning.

I am having trouble getting to sleep, the hour changes and the light sky make it tough. I tossed and tried to force myself to sleep but still could not nod off until close to midnight. I will end up taking a nap today but I want to resist that so I do not repeat last night. 0530 comes early when you don’t get to sleep until the small hours. I am not the only one, breakfast was empty except for one other. When you are working, and have to go through this time movement sleep becomes very valuable. Generally, when you work on a boat with watch time and work time, sleep is the one thing you don’t get enough of and it is caught in short periods. Now the crew is always either working or sleeping, there is no lounge time.

I am very dizzy again this morning, I think I have a fever from the tooth thing. I am still taking antibiotics but they don’t seem to be doing much any longer. I am lightheaded and queasy. I am going to go a day or two without coffee, it will be difficult for me to wake up but I find a correlation to the coffee and the dizziness. I am drinking a lot of water trying to flush whatever is in me out of me.

Out on deck it is still very cold, 50’s I would guess but it is clear and sunny, the clouds have burned off and the sea is just beautiful to look at. Vacant and rather desolate but delivering on the “big blue” experience I imagined. Would like the temperature to warm so I can be outside for longer periods though, outside chills you because the wind does not allow finding a warm sunny spot. I have a nice window sun spot in my cabin which if I were home, a cat would find attractive. I miss my cats too. I wonder how our big cat is adjusting to the leg amputation after a couple weeks, the vet said they are amazing and get right with the program but I would like to see him. Our little cat is wary of the change I have been told, they have been the best of pals for five years and need one another, I hope they come to terms.

It is 1100 and I am feeling a bit more normal, still lightheaded but not dizzy like this morning. I had a rough morning. I stayed out of the bunk because I really don’t like waking up twice in the same day and waking up this morning was rough. I will probably crash after lunch; not sure I want to eat much. I have been through 2 liters of water and it seems to help. If I was at home I would be on the bed complaining, Dianna always takes care of me when I feel lousy, she always has. I did good.

I did not eat much for lunch, I had an apple and some wok cooked vegetables along with an egg custard with a huge amount of sugar in the bottom. It was sweet but went down easily. I am still not 100% ad will probably end up falling asleep even though I don’t want to. My eyes tell me I will end up with them closed.

Up on the bridge this afternoon, I went to take a look, the weather is wonderful. Flat, blue seas and sunny skies. I did not take my camera, dang it. I saw a nice pod of Orca, about a dozen. Crashing and moving along the surface. This was a treat. I did not know what they were at first in the distance but I could see breakers and they were unusual for porpoise like we have back home, as we approached they swam just off the port side and gave me a nice look. Very cool. They were on the hunt. Next time I take the camera.

Like I thought, we will pass the strait at about midnight, dang. I will get up anyway to take a look. We will be close enough to see some harbors and some activity and it may still be light enough to see some life.

They are going to open the ship store again tonight at 1815 before dinner. I don’t think I will buy anything. There are guys who want scotch and whiskey, it is really cheap and there is some drinking going on. I am not a drinker. I still have 14 Cokes so buying more doesn’t make any sense. The only other thing they have that interests me would be chocolate but with my mouth the way it is I think it best to avoid chocolate. Although it they had Oreos I would go there, I do miss my dunking of the Oreos after dinner. Can you tell I am bit homesick?

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