June 6th

Last night I went to dinner planning on just soup and bread. I saw the entrée and did that, glad I did. The soup was a crème vegetable soup, entrée of smoked ham with a side of Brussel sprouts! My favorite. They were not the way I most prefer them but they were a treat none the less.

This morning they put out cookies for the French and eggs with bacon for the Ukrainians, I just had coffee, juice and yogurt. I do not have a big appetite as I have not been burning calories other than going up and down 5 flights of stairs all day. I did take some cookies back to the cabin for that 1030 snack. It usually takes me that long to come down from the coffee and feel hungry.

We have officially come around to the same day as back home. I am only four hours BEHIND you now. It is 0800 here and 1200 back home, communication will be much easier now on the email I think. I just kept the days as sequential and did not repeat Sunday as part one and part two, so I will end up a day ahead of myself on these entries but it is too late now to repeat a date I think. I will think about that.

We are approaching the Aleutians and we will be offshore of them for at least another day I think. Yesterday we passed the Kamchatka peninsula and were within 150 miles of the coast. Weather this morning is still cold and grey but like yesterday morning, the visibility is good and the horizon is the horizon, no fog or clouds on the water. This is still the desert. We are getting close to the Bering Sea and that means in a way I will have crossed the Pacific Ocean and the Bering Sea in one voyage. Neat.

I spent some time with the Chief Officer this morning going over our position and heading. We are about 40 hours from passing through a strait in the islands, this is good. It means it will be about 4 or 5 in the morning as we approach so I will have good light. We pass very near to some islands and I am looking forward to seeing not only the sea life but also the commercial vessels and fisherman in this area. At this time of year there is good fishing to be had so I am sure there will be activity. In the meantime, we will spend the next 40 hours in the Bearing Sea headed east.

There is activity out on deck today as the boys are pressure washing the decks and all the areas outside the house, this is part of the housekeeping of a big ship. Keeping the salt spray off the surfaces after the wind we have had pays big dividends in maintenance and the puddling of water in the drains is never good.

I really just have the next day and a half to kill until I can be a sightseer, which will be welcome. I only hope the weather warms a bit, I was looking at home and it has been 90 degrees. Living at elevation like we do 90 feels like 110, I can only empathize with my wife and son as they endure a heat wave in early June. I hope the evenings have been cooling so the open windows bring relief. We do not have an air conditioner in our mountain home and last summer there were a few weeks we wish we did. One of our neighbors has a sleeping porch they use in the summer because they do not have A/C either and the house just becomes too hot to sleep in. I think we may try a similar type experience this summer. We do have a portable air conditioner but it really only keeps one room cool and it is an energy hog. I hope this is not going to be a long, hot summer. The temperature swings have been so extreme already, with snow in May and now 90’s in June. The hot weather always comes in August but it seems so unpredictable; climate change, cyclical change, whatever you call it, using the past years as an indicator of weather moving forward is not realistic any longer. The change is so different that the past means nothing.

This is bit frightening. It is not just our little place in the world, this is a global issue. Then I read that nimrod Trump exits the Paris Environmental Agreement, basically sticking the finger to the world. I am so discouraged to be led by this fool of a man. Our country will become a third world nation under his stewardship, I cannot call it leadership. I think the country is headed down a lonely, dark and long tunnel with this administration. I cannot say that Obama was a great President but I can say I admire that he was honest, fair and genuinely cared about doing the right thing. I can say none of those things about this childlike Trump. How does a man live to be 70 years old and still be so ignorant, insensitive and selfish? How did this happen to us? Maybe you need to be a laid off auto worker, who worked a union job with an outrageous salary and benefits package you lost to competition to understand? I can find no understanding that a working man or woman would ever have supported such a change as to choose this idiot of a man running our government. The desire to change the status quo was so high in those who did that they were oblivious to the impending disaster it would create.

Today I feel really good, I am over the anxieties of the mouth, now it will be what it will be. I am enjoying my time on the ship today, it is still cold outside, in the mid 50’s but the wind is down and being outside feels good. The chill on my face and the long views are a nice way to spend time. There is a small picnic table on one of the lower decks where they have outdoor BBQ when the weather is nice so I have a place to sit somewhat sheltered and just gaze. Today is a good day on the ocean.

I had a nice lunch; hearts of palm and cucumbers in a mayonnaise tarragon sauce, roast chicken and ratatouille, which is something I think I will learn how to make. It has vegetables I am not really fond of but somehow in this preparation they are delicious. I think Dianna would like me to make more squash so maybe this would make us both happy. Desert was a prune cake, interesting for sure but I ate the whole slice.

Dinner is going to be Filet Mignon, that sounds French. I am going to nap today and then read a little. The weather is cold but the water is smooth and ride is very pleasant. I saw a couple container ships headed to Japan and it does seem odd to be in the middle of nowhere and see ships pass within a quarter mile of you. I think it has something to do with shipping lanes, can’t just have ships running around all wily nily, can you?

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