June 7th

The dinner question was answered as I sat down to eat. The entrée was a ground fish (ground fish is a term used for fish that are bottom dwellers), cod I would guess with an onion butter sauce, steamed broccoli and rice with Italian parsley and herb. It was very good, I think because we eat fish often I lean toward the seafood rather than the meats. We just don’t eat much beef at all. I will do the infrequent pot roast and we do burgers but beef is the least of our meats. Chicken, Fish and Pork are all ahead of beef in our consumption and perhaps, our tastes.

Last night I was able to catch just a glimpse of an island before the dark, the silhouette just visible and then only because of the snow that lit up the profile. Now this morning was another story. We passed an island of magnificence, complete with Volcano and snowy covering. I was able to take some really nice photos that will look great in my barn when enlarged. It was a National Geographic moment and even though you see these things on TV, seeing them in person is amazing. I am not sure we will see too many more islands as we are on a direct line to Seattle and that takes us South of the island chain. I do see faint outlines of smaller islands on the horizon but they are distant and not worthy of a photo only because it would require explanation as to why that photo was taken.

I have also taken some great could shots for Carson, he likes the clouds and I have some images that are pretty spectacular, maybe we can enlarge a few of those also. Last evening I had the sunset to the west and the shining moon to the east, at the same time. It was odd to look in the sky and see a blazing sun and a shining moon at the same time. I wish I had a fisheye lens so you could capture them both in the same image. It was a strange thing to see, as I am sure those who live in Northern places see all the time.

Today I will have the opportunity to visit the engine room. They are always hot, noisy and smelly but in a good way. I am sure this engine room is huge. I went down to the engine room of the Queen Mary in Long Beach and even though the technology was 50 years old, it was still impressive and massive. I think this will be a similar take away. The amount of iron and steel is remarkable.

I have not yet made it to the engine room. Maybe it will be rescheduled. However, I did go for an hour walk around the deck. Up to the bow and the maneuvering station, back down to the stern and took a great shot of the prop wash and how much water this beast pushes as if moves through the water. The deck is actually smoother than my cabin, which is about 100 feet above the main deck. I would have stayed longer but my big ears got cold and my camera batteries gave out. Tomorrow or the next day I will go again when there is something to take pictures of.

It is approaching dinner now, about 1900 and no call to visit the engine room. I still have three more days to get that done. The walk around the ship was neat and I will do it again. 1100 feet is a long walk and it feels good to just walk instead of small paces in small places.

I had a good day so far and I am really feeling like we are getting close to home. I am starting to get excited for the countdown, no matter what you do or where you go, there comes the time you want to go home. I get excited to go and I get excited to come home……..like a kid, still. I am glad that I have done something that I wanted to do for many years and I am lucky to have a family that supported the fulfillment of that even though they did not really get it.

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