May 30th

This morning I woke to see the sunrise over the open ocean. We are not exactly in the deep blue yet, we are sailing from China over to Pusan. We are in open water and I was pleased to see the green water slowly change to blue. The water is not exactly what I would call good water, it is a silty blue and there is a lot of Sargasso grass along the way. Many of the floating grass patches have plastic bottles lodged in them and this is a distressing sight to see. At some point the world needs to recognize that plastic has a place but that it is destroying the planet. Of course, we are in a shipping lane and this is a highly-trafficked area of the ocean but that plastic will make it somewhere that it can cause real issues.

I just had some coffee and a bowl of corn flakes this morning. I am not very hungry the last day or so, not much exercise for me in the last week so I just don’t feel like eating much. I will visit the ship store today, take my laptop out on the deck and enjoy the flat sea and the sunny weather. Today seems like a lazy day to me. I have been on board a week now and although from these daily notes it may seem like a long time it actually does not feel like a week, with nothing to remind me of everyday life back home the time passes rather quickly. I am looking forward to the 2 days we have sailing right now, there is a rhythm when we are running that I will need to become familiar with prior to the 12-day run to Seattle.

The ship store opened for about 20 minutes, I bought 24 Cokes and a couple chocolate bars. I think they might open the store one more time before we get to Seattle. I put the soda in my mini fridge and now I can have at least one a day for the rest of the voyage. Nice.

Today I received clean linens for the bunk and clean towels for the bath. This is a weekly thing and I was happy to have clean linens. I don’t sleep under them every night, it is warm and I am sure that as we go north I will be happy to have the comforter. The bedding is Euro style, a fitted sheet and a down comforter inside a case that is the top sheet and blanket in one. They even gave me two pillows which makes me happy.

A very relaxing day in the sun, the water is calm and the weather is warm, we are running about 14 knots and there is almost no sense of movement, just a straight push through the ocean. For lunch, I enjoyed a salad of beets and carrots, beef goulash with roasted potatoes and dessert of pineapple cake with an orange cream sauce. I must say I would probably not put orange and pineapple together in my mind but it was delicious.

I sat on deck and read today. I found the library, books left from previous passengers, it is full of the usual suspects; Clancy, Patterson and Connelly. I watched the Northern China coastline come and go and it was nice to see the voyage making progress. I have discomfort in my mouth today, I am nervous about it but I am cleaning with Peroxide and rinsing, brushing, doing what I can. It bothers me that it causes me concern and takes away from the travel.

I actually took a pain pill today not for the discomfort but to see if it would take my mind off it. Not really, I think it just made me more anxious. Each morning it is a little different and for some reason I keep thinking there will be some catastrophic failure but heck, it has been sutured up now for almost 20 days. Not sure where my head goes and why I cannot be more rationale and less emotional. I have been more emotional in the last year than at any time in my life. That could be a good thing but most of my emotion is not positive.

I just would like to have some more antibiotics, I have enough for 8 more days and the journey is 12. They do no good if you cut back on the dosage. I have been on them for 3 weeks but it makes me feel some sense of ease knowing that if I am taking antibiotics I won’t get an infection that is really bad. This whole thing with the mouth really is the shits.

I decided on just fruit, cheese and a glass of wine for dinner, the main course was a pork chop with sauerkraut and I just was not up for chewing through a tough pork chop. I am a little down so the wine helped…………

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