June 9th

I had a difficult time falling asleep last night, the time changes have put me in a bad rhythm. I did not fall asleep until well after midnight, closer to one I guess. This morning I awoke at 0730 and decided to skip breakfast and just have coffee out on the deck.

The weather is cool, Pacific Northwest cool. Gloomy and cloudy but the sea is quiet. There is rain in front of us, I can tell by the front of clouds that reach high and are dark. Squalls lie ahead, not sure when but they will come.

We are approaching the inner waters soon and I am spending the last two days on the water just sitting on the deck watching and then taking an occasional walk around the ship. I am ready for the voyage to end but am still enjoying the experience. I started another novel yesterday and will finish it today.

Had a nice lunch today of a beet salad with dill pickles, beef bourgiugnon and roasted potatoes with a watermelon slice for dessert. Dinner will be a cheese pizza appetizer, steak with butter/caper sauce and mixed vegetables. Funny now after 18 days that the journey to the mess hall the and the meals there have been a constant. Everyone comes together in the mess hall at the appointed time and it is a very familiar and now planned part of the day. When at home the only meal that is planned is dinner. We kind of eat lunch on the run. I have been pretty lazy here the last 18 days and a big lunch will not be missed but the regularity of it might.

The weather remains cool but the clouds and rain have passed and the water is a rich, deep blue. There are no wind waves or disturbance, the blue goes on to the horizon for 360 degrees, not another thing in sight. The sight is worth savoring.

This will be what I recall the most of the voyage; the long open stretches and the deep colored water; sometimes green and murky, sometimes brown and cloudy but mostly blue. The horizon seeming endless in the distance and the amount of dimension out here. On land, you have landmarks and elevation, rise and fall of the landscape, out here it is a big, big sky and water. I have always loved being out on the water and this just delivers on a grand scale. I am not sure I will ever need to do such a voyage again but if I do, I am prepared and understanding of what to expect and how to take the most from it.

This type of voyage is probably better suited to a couple or a pair of couples. I think the time here is very special and playing cards or watching movies, drinking out on the deck, sharing meals and just letting the day’s pass would be a wonderful getaway. I could see me trying to talk Dianna into one of these trips with someone we know, however I think a week would be enough, this 20-day thing is a bit much, even for someone like me who loves the ocean.

I am looking forward to the last day and the opportunity to take some photos of Puget Sound and the Seattle port entry. I am very much anticipating the shore once again. The longest I ever spent on a boat without landfall was 10 days and we did drive past islands on that one. To see the coastline will be nice and the coastline at Seattle is a good one.

I finished the novel, another Michael Connelly, this one titled Blood Work, my Mom will want to know.

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